Dust Collection & Fume Extraction systems

Pneumatic Conveying systems

Odor, Vapor & Moisture Control systems

Air Conditioning, Fresh Air Supply & Makeup Air systems

Traveling Exhaust & Supply Air systems

Industrial & Commercial HVAC Systems

Cooling & Temperature Control systems


IVT Engineering has been privileged to serve clients in a broad range of industries. Our target markets are factories and industrial plants where the supply of fresh air, air conditioning and refrigeration, containment and removal of fume or dust is important.


Welcome to IVT Engineering

IVT Engineering is a technologically advanced engineering firm that works with industrial companies to assist them in maintaining safe and healthy industrial environments. We are confident that through our immediate engineering staff and associates, we can provide our customers with high quality and cost effective engineering services. IVT Engineering brings you the combined talents of senior ventilation professionals with many years of industrial consulting experience. We also maintain a close relationship with many of the industries' leading experts, drawing on their specialization to supplement in-house engineering.

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional quality engineering services to help them maintain safe and healthy industrial environments that will help them achieve their objectives and become more successful.

We offer innovative and economical engineering services, state-of-the-art analyses and design technologies. We meet our clients' needs on projects of all sizes including small and special design projects. For more information please visit our Products and Services page.

We are committed to...

            ... understanding the needs of our customers
            ... providing superior levels of quality and service
            ... providing professional and independent advice
            ... providing personalized service and bottom line results